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The West Los Angeles Area has officers employed full time to supervise volunteer and crime prevention programs.  Providing crime prevention education materials to West Los Angeles Area is just one of the endeavors in which PACT is of assistance.

A Community Alert System has been created to address the incidence of crime and to enhance public safety.  An email system is now available to notify West Los Angeles residents and business people of vital information concerning criminal activity in their neighborhood.  Should you wish to be notified via email concerning crime, call the Community Relations Office at 310-444-0729.  Your personal information will be kept confidential and only be used for this database.  One of PACT's functions is to fund the server for this email program.

Neighborhood Watch is a proven method of uniting you and your neighbors towards making your street and neighborhood safer and more crime free.  Take the first step and call the Senior Lead Officer office at 310-444-0701.


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