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In September of 1991, a partnership was formed between the West Los Angeles Community Police Station and a group of civic-minded citizens, resulting in the formation of "Police and Community Together" (PACT), a non-profit corporation.

PACT's mission is to establish good relations and interaction between the West Los Angeles community and officers at the West Los Angeles Community Police station. PACT is involved in fundraising to acquire much needed equipment not budgeted by the Department, enabling the officers to better serve the community. In addition, PACT subsidizes the LAPD Cadets program and provides college scholarships.

PACT is a membership organization. Tax deductible dues and grants are utilized to acquire, maintain and upgrade equipment used by the officers in their crime prevention duties. PACT members are provided periodic crime statistics, informative brochures, including hot lines and resource numbers in the community.

PACT's activities are performed solely by volunteers and not professional fundraisers or employees. Therefore, all funds raised by PACT go directly to support the station programs.

For further information regarding PACT memberships, please call (310) 444-0713.



Police And Community Together (PACT)
(310) 444-0713

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